How to Sleep on a Bus

sleep on bus

Getting to sleep on the road is a difficult task. There are often bright lights on traveler buses and loud noises. Not to mention the fact that you are in a seated position the whole time. If you’re taking an overnight bus ride, you’ll probably want to get some shuteye before you reach your destination.

There are a few ways to make things easier for yourself so you can catch a nap. Here are some of our top tips on getting to sleep on a charter bus.

How to Sleep Soundly While Sitting Upright

Long airplane, train and coach rides are the norm for travelers now. As such, many companies have created products to help people be as comfortable as possible when getting from A to B.

One such product is the neck pillow. Bring a neck pillow on the bus to sleep peacefully. These are small U-shaped pillows that wrap around your neck so that you can bend your head to the side and go to sleep. This makes it easier to relax comfortably despite being seated upright.

You may not be able to lay down on the bus but crank your recliner if possible and rest your head using the neck pillow! Relaxing on the road is made a little cozier with one of these.

Quieting the Noise

The constant chatter of the other passengers on the bus, as well as the sound of the bus itself and noises on the road can prevent any chance of a good night’s sleep. If you’re traveling in somewhere like Asia or South America, there’s also a good chance of hearing car horns blasting every five minutes. With that, our experts recommend using earplugs or noise cancelling headphones to sleep peacefully.

Earplugs are great because you can barely feel them in your ears while you lay your head. Noise cancelling headphones can allow you to play your favorite relaxing music or an audiobook to sleep to if this works better for you.

Either of these work really well with the neck pillow. Combined, you can achieve a wonderful night of sleep, even on a bus!

how to sleep on a bus

Sleep Peacefully Even in Broad Daylight

No matter when your bus ride occurs – from morning until midnight – there are bound to be bright lights on the road, inside the bus, or in the sky. Blocking all of this out with a sleep mask is the best way to avoid being disturbed. Get yourself a blackout mask in a comfortable material like satin to make your ride as comfortable as possible!

Why Sleep On A Bus?

Getting some sleep on the bus to your destination is a great way to save time so that you don’t have to nap once you’ve arrived. If you can get some sleep in on the road, you can keep your normal sleep schedule on track. You’ll also be energized and ready for action when you reach your destination.

Next time you have to catch a long bus journey, be prepared! Remember your pillow, earplugs, headphones and night mask – and don’t sit next to anyone chatty!