5 Best Mattresses for Kids – A buying guide for toddlers & childs

kids sleeping mattress

When you are in the market for kids’ mattresses, it can be a little stressful to find the right one.  There are just so many options, all at various price points. With so many different choices to guarantee your child’s comfort and restfulness, how do you know which is the best?

To help in your decision of what mattress to get for your little one, here is a list of five of the best mattresses for kids. Every item on this list offers practicality, style, and comfort for your child’s bedroom.

How to choose a mattress for your child

How firm should a child’s mattress be?

Is a memory foam mattress good for a child?

1. Modway AMZ-5768-WHI Jenna 10” Twin Innerspring Mattress

This simple but cozy mattress makes for the perfect place for your child to rest their head. Since most children will likely only need a twin bed until they are teens, many parents are hesitant to invest in a high-quality, expensive mattress. That’s what makes the Modway’s low price one of the top benefits. It offers superior comfort at an affordable price. Your child is guaranteed restful sleep during the most important formative years of their childhood.

  • Fire-resistant polyester barrier
  • Isolated motion limits bounce and disturbance
  • Contours perfectly to the body

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2. Linon Home Dcor Folding Bed Mattress with Luxor Memory Foam (352STD-01-AS-UPS)

For grandparents and parents who host sleepovers, this folding bed mattress is the perfect solution. With comfortable memory foam and the ability to stow away, this bed is a top contender.

  • Includes mattress and frame (steel)
  • Elegant fabric cover
  • Offers mobility
  • Perfect for overnight guests

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3. SLEEPINC. 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

The SLEEPINC gives contouring support to growing bones and allows for consistent temperature control with gel infusion technology.

  • Absorbs motion
  • No harmful chemicals
  • 10-year warranty

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4. Folding Mattress, Inofia Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress

Another folding mattress, the Inofia tri-fold memory foam product is perfect for transporting. It provides comfort and support wherever and whenever you may need it.

  • Simply unfold anywhere (camping, sleepovers, etc.)
  • Soft memory foam surface
  • Breathable and quick to assemble

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5. Boschettu Best Kids 7″ Mattress (Full) with Pink Water-Resistant Cover

For those kids who have accidents in the bed, a water-resistant cover is the answer. With a memory foam base and water-resistant cover your child will be comfortable, and you can rest easy knowing that there won’t be any serious damage.

  • Washable zip-off plastic cover available in blue or pink
  • 5-inch, high-density foam base for comfort
  • Memory foam that holds shape

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Shopping for kids is never easy, whether it is for clothing or mattresses. But just because your child will soon grow out of their bed, it doesn’t mean that they should not have the best quality mattress for their growing bones. With these five options for kids’ mattresses, you are bound to find one that you, your child, and your wallet love. Check out each option on Amazon for the best price!

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