5 tips for choosing your new bed

choose new bed

Are you looking to buy a new bed? Then you’re in luck… Because in this guide I have collected my top 5 best tips for choosing your new bed!

And what do I know? Oh well, I work as an author for the Danish website Sengeguruen.dk. Here I test, compare and describe beds on our local market.

1. Figure out what are my needs 

First of all: You need to know what you are looking for. The main questions you should ask yourself in this step would be:

  1. What type of bed am I looking for? Guest bed, divan bed, ottoman bed, sleigh bed, bunk bed – Just to mention some of the most common bed types.
  2. What size should the bed be in? Single, twin, double, queen- or king sized bed?
  3. What style of bed am I looking for? A romantic style or maybe something more minimalistic?

2. Know your budget

If your budget allows for you to buy “just” an IKEA bed, there really is no point in looking at more expensive solutions… As this will only lead to disappointment and wasted time.

So. Decide on your budget… And make sure that you more or less limit your search to this. 

When settling on your budget, keep in mind that most people spend around ⅓ of their lives in bed. When thinking about this you might want to ask yourself, if you shouldn’t prioritize finding the money to invest in a top-quality bed solution?

3. Research the market

There are literally hundreds of bed stores out there. So better make sure you do your research thoroughly. Nail your research down to the top 10 stores that best match your budget and needs and start out by further examining those.

If you are in no luck, you can always expand your search to more bed stores later on.

4. Are any beds on offer?

Beds are a product group which is often on offer. In Denmark – Where I am from – we can sometimes save up to 60% on those offers. Because of that, you should make sure to check if any of your chosen shops have some great offers right now.

… Often you can save hundreds of bucks by looking closely into, if there are any current discounts to take advantage of!

5. What do other people think?

Beds are a widely discussed product type. We all want to get a good night’s sleep and the bed plays a vital part to this.

Because of that, you should make sure to research if there are any reviews or other types of opinions on the bed, you are looking to buy.

On many online shops you can find reviews. Furthermore, you can google “review” + [product name] to see whether other websites have reviewed it… And lastly, you can ask about the bed on websites such as Reddit and Quora.

I hope this guide has been a nice help to get you started on doing proper research for your new bed – Good luck!

… I also want to ask whether you:

  1. Are missing any vital aspects to finding a new bed in this guide?
  2. Have got any nice tips you would like to share with me and the rest of the readers?

Leave your comment in the section below.