Beds Recommended by Physiotherapists

physiotherapist recommend

Physiotherapists agree that a new mattress is one of the best ways to begin an at-home healing process for body pain. Sleep should be a time of relaxation. It’s the time when the body gets to recover. If you need fast recovery, you won’t get back on your feet quickly with a box spring mattress. This is why it is important to find the right mattress to correct and reduce pain.

These beds are physiotherapist-recommended and create a balance between firm support and body contouring technology. Sleep well on these recommended mattresses.

Amerisleep AS3 Memory Foam Mattress

This supportive base is proven to help those with sleep disorders to rest longer and get to sleep sooner. It comes in a full range of sizes. This mattress has three essential components: the Bio-Core support layer, the affinity layer, and the Bio-Pur memory foam layer, all of which provide cushioning support to keep you asleep for long durations.

  • VPF technology
  • Comes in the full range of sizes
  • Made in the USA
  • Memory foam construction
  • 12 inches thick

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Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress

The pressure relieving qualities set this mattress apart. It is comprised of several layers which work together for quality support through the night. It uses 3 inches of memory foam, 2 inches of comfort foam, and 3.5 inches of Airflow foam.

  • Comes in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King
  • Comes in 6 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, and 8 inch
  • Memory Biofoam construction
  • Certi-PUR Certified

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Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Hybrids provide the firmness of a box spring with soft cushioning . The Linespa makes use of both memory foam and innerspring technology in order to provide supportive softness to joints during sleep. The mattress includes both memory and comfort foam, all on top of the innersprings. Lineaspa makes shipping easy, so this option is incredibly convenient to purchase and set up.

  • Available in the full range of sizes
  • Comes in 8 or 10 inches
  • Hybrid construction
  • Three layer comfort system

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Layla Sleep Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep experts love the Layla mattress because it is flippable. If you are recovering from an injury, you can switch from firm to medium soft instantly by simply flipping the mattress. It is durable and adjustable, and great for temperature regulation. The thermogel and copper-infused memory foam keeps you cool while you sleep in any position.

  • Copper infused memory foam
  • Flippable
  • 10 inches thick
  • Available in a full range of sizes

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SLEEPINC. Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepinc. uses a contouring surface to relieve pressure. Enjoy a calming night of sleep with its motion isolation design and construction. If you sleep with someone who tosses and turns in the night, this mattress will absorb that motion without letting it rock the entire bed. Its gel infusion makes for satisfying temperature control.

  • Comes in the full range of sizes
  • 10 inches thick
  • CertiPUR-US
  • Memory foam construction
  • Motion isolation
  • Gel infusion

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