Best Mattress for a Lightweight Person

mattress for lightweight people

If you are a light weight person you need a very specific mattress. On this page we have collected the top picks of mattresses for lightweight persons. Check our our table and find a mattress that suit your needs. The prices ranges everything from $59 to $999 so we are sure that you can find a mattress that would suit your needs.

When buying a new mattress it is important to know your size and weight. A mattress performs much different for a person above 200 lb compared to a smaller person below 100 lb. So what is the best mattress for you? Read on and find your perfect match…

3 inch mattress for small sleepers

A 3″ comfort layer is all you are looking for. Its right for a lightweight sleeper and a bit firmer than a normal mattress. It is very supportive so your hips dont sink too much. You need a nice lumbar support so the height difference between your hips and stomach is not too big.

A 3 inch mattress is good for both stomach sleepers and back sleepers. This makes in a good all-around mattress – unless you’re a heavy person.

If you sleep on the side you should consider another more type of mattress. A Casper with Zoned Support System is a great choice if you sleep on your site.

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