Best Guest Beds – Rollaway, Sofa, Trundle & Folding Beds

guest beds

When an unexpected guest calls, or a family member comes to stay, having a one or even two guest beds that can be stored or are permanently in situ is a great addition to any home. Given the limits of space most people will be considering a guest bed that is either entirely collapsible or is fixed but stores away when not needed. Whatever the space available for your guest bed it should be remembered that that your visitor will still wish to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep as far as possible. Among other things during sleep our bodies repair and heal themselves therefore by providing our guests with a comfortable bed gives their bodies the chance to do its’ job of healing and resting optimally.

With this in mind perhaps the ideal solution is a fixed single bed with as high quality mattress as your budget will allow. Key considerations are:

Support & Comfort

The ideal mix of mattress and bed base will provide your guest with support across the body as a whole, keeping the spine in the same position throughout.


With guest beds this is a fundamental point. Where a fixed bed and mattress is not possible try to make sure the collapsible option provides as much support and comfort as it can. This is particularly important should your guests be staying for an extended period as few people want to manage more than one night in an uncomfortable bed.


Colourful bedclothes and a supportive pillow can often make a temporary guest bed more inviting so don’t forget to have these to hand if possible.

By balancing these issues you should be ale to provide an excellent nights sleep for your guests whether they are staying for an impromptu night or an extended vacation.

Indeed, among the options for guest beds you might like to consider are:

Trundle Beds

The most popular are those that slide under existing beds and are available as single or double options where space allows. Mattresses tend to be slightly slimmer than the full version but these can provide an extremely comfortable nights sleep with the minimum effort to set up.

Foldaway Beds

After trundle beds these are probably the next most effective to balance convenience and comfort. Again slimmer mattresses are used to allow the bed to simply fold into themselves, their design often permitting use as an occasional table in a spare room.

Sofa Beds

Are extremely flexible options that simply pull out from within a sofa to provide a single or double bed. However, this option can prove a little more expensive than the previous two.

With such a wide variety of beds now available it should be possible to provide a good nights sleep for your guests at a reasonable in terms of money, space, comfort and convenience.

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