Best Children’s Beds for Safety & Design

childrens bed

Whilst choosing adult beds it tends to be a fairly functional affair when it comes to choosing a child’s bed the imagination can often be allowed to run wild.  Many different types and styles of theme beds are now available, from the classic racing car design through to cosy cottages and Thomas the Tank engine there is something to suit all tastes and needs.  Like any furniture choice there are various factors to take into consideration, not leas of which price, but the most important view to consider is that of your child.   What do they want to use the bed for? Will it be simply a place of rest and comfort after a hard day at school or playing with friends or are thy looking for something extra, place to have imaginary adventures, fit in with their image or provide a practical place to double up as a bed and for study.

Bed Design

So what kinds of bed designs are now available?  In truth if you can think of a design then it probably exists somewhere, the question being how easy it is to source at a reasonable cost.  Indeed, whilst it is probably politically incorrect children still do have their favourites with little girls preferring flowery designs, perhaps with fairy tale or animal motifs whilst boys tend to like racing cars, fire engines or castle themes.  As both sexes grow older they tend to converge on cabin beds, effectively a bunk bed with under built desks and/or seating areas, but even they can be reasonably tailored to the individual child either before purchase or after using paints and stencils.

The themed bed should be as perfectly comfortable as its’ standard counterpart otherwise your little ones may become restless after a day slaying dragons from their castle bed!  A further consideration is the length of use as many children have fads or burning desires at a young age which are lost or translate badly as they grow older.  For example, many children as they transition into teenagers decide that no longer want, or may have grown out of,  their bunk bed and therefore purchasing one which can be dismantled to accommodate this change is a wise move. As an alternative to bunk beds it might be worth considering a low profile “trundle” bed where a single bed on top bunk incorporates an additional bed underneath that can be easily pulled out to accommodate sleepovers.

Safety Aspects

Safety has to be a prime consideration, particularly if a loftier design is decided upon.  All children have fallen out of bed at some point, therefore the importance of rail guards, safety ladders and a suitable choice of mattress height cannot be underestimated.

In addition to the style and type of child’s bed some time should also be given to the wider decoration of the room.  If a theme bed is chosen then to continue the theme, perhaps a pit lane décor for a racing bed or a fairy grotto can be a fabulously exciting idea for the kids to join in designing and decorating.  Whatever your choice of bed, taking the time to understand the balance between style and practicality will ensure many years of rest and play!