Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

sleeping on stomach

If you are one of the few stomach sleepers in the world you will need a very stiff mattress to support you. Usually your butt will be the heaviest part of your body and if you sleep on your stomach you will most likely wake up with pain in your back if you have a bad mattress.

To avoid this you will need a good mattress with a lot of support. It needs to be stiff and have a lot of spring. On this page you can see the best mattresses for stomach sleepers of 2019. Most of them are available on Amazon and that means that it is very easy to buy and get it delivered. You are also covered by buyers protection and have a guarantee on your product.

How to avoid and prevent turning on your stomach when sleeping

This might sound absolutely insane, but there is actually a way to stop sleeping on your stomach! If you are tired of waking up with back pain and wanna stop this bad habit that will eventually ruin your hearth you will need to try on of the following options:

  • Tape a small object to your stomach. A pea, an olive or similar. It sounds insane, but it works.
  • Use pillows to stop you from turning on your stomach. Put additional pillows around you to stop yourself from turning around.
  • Sleep on a smaller bed that won’t allow you to turn around.

Best pillows for sleeping on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach means that you need a very small pillow. If you have too large of a pillow this will give you neck and back pains when you wake up. To avoid this your should buy a small pillow from one of our selected partners. You can also consider to get a belly pillow instead to support your back. This will help your pain when you wake up.

🛑 Is it bad to sleep on the stomach? 🛑

No, its not bad. Its unusual and weird but its not a bad thing as long as your have a mattress that can support your weight correctly.

🍏 How to stop sleeping on stomach 🍏

Try taping a small object to your stomach like a pea, an olive or something similar. This will make you turn around in your sleep.

🏃 Why do I sleep on my stomach? 🏃

If you tend to sleep on your stomach you might be stressed or not sleeping enough. Try going to bed earlier, change your sleep schedule or start exercising.