Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

side sleeper

If you’re a side sleeper you sleep like the majority of the population on earth. This is the most popular sleeping position and also the most healthy. It straightens your spine and aligns your shoulders which lowers he pressure on the weak points in the body. You will also have a much better circulation of air in your body and you will snore less.

Side sleepers with shoulder pain

If you sleep on your side and have a shoulder injury or shoulder pain you need a better mattress. We recommend a memory foam mattress that will support your shoulder and body the correct amount so you will be able to lay comfortable throughout the night.

If you experience some other form of pain like lower back pain or general back pain a more stiff mattress will be the way to go. In this top list you can see what kind of mattress and beds we recommend for side sleepers.

🛌 Is memory foam good for side sleepers? 🛌

Yes – memory foam is a great option for side sleepers. Specially if you’re a lightweight person.

🤕 Can I get a mattress for shoulder pain? 🤕

If you have a shoulder injury or your shoulder hurts you will need to look into memory foam mattresses. These are the best supporting mattress for your shoulder.

😍 Where can I find a good mattress? 😍

Right here on Talkbeds you can find the best mattresses and beds of 2019. We have a full list ready for you.