Best Luxury Leather Beds – Faux & Bicast Leather

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Leather beds always seem to look absolutely stunning with sumptuous, oversized headboards and low level footboards that make them appear majestic with hardly any effort at all. Leather beds most definitely create a dramatic impact in any room setting and with a wide range of styles and sizes available, choosing the right bed for you shouldn’t be too difficult. Whether real, faux or bicast, all beds are made of quality construction with sprung slatted bases for mattress support – so whatever your budget, leather style beds are a perfect choice with which to enhance your home.

Luxury Leather Beds

A real leather bed has become one of the most popular bed frames in the UK today, providing your bedroom with an elegant, warm and luxurious feel in either a classic or contemporary design. Real luxury leather beds are considered to be excellent value for money and a complement to any bedroom. With brown or mocha, black and cream colours available in real leather with designs in sleigh or Chesterfield styles that fall into the higher price ranges, however these designs work perfectly with leather materials and are just breathtaking! As most leather beds tend to be low they are suitable for children, adults and the elderly however if storage is essential, you can purchase special under-bed drawers or an ottoman fully upholstered bed with a hollow base that simply lifts up to reveal ample storage for clothes or spare bedding but allowing your bedroom to remain clutter free.

Faux Leather Beds

Faux leather beds retain the elegance and luxury of a real leather bed but faux versions are made up of entirely of synthetic materials offering a wider range of styles and colours; black, brown, cream, white, red, etc. With so many styles to choose from faux leather beds have an added benefit which is lack of imperfections across the surface as real leather sometimes shows a colour variation across the hide (animal skin), although it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between real and faux leather nowadays.

Bicast Leather Beds

If you’re seeking a glossy finish for your leather bed then a bicast leather bed is what you need. Made of reconstituted shredded leather and bound in a process that results in a sheen finish, this gives a modern feel to your bed and depending on the style of bed you choose, a bicast finish is very striking and chic.

Unless your bicast, faux or leather bed is customized – bed frames are usually come in the following sizes:

Superkingsize double leather beds- 6ft
Kingsize double leather beds – 5ft
Double leather beds – 4ft 6
Single leather beds – 3ft
Leather Sofa Beds

With a lack of space in many homes especially those living in small apartments and studio type units, a leather sofa bed is ideal providing not only a touch of luxury but also for the convenience and practicalities of having a place to sleep for guests who want to stay over. Indeed it can be used as a traditional bed that folds away when not in use due to lack of space.

With so many types of leather and leather sofa beds to choose from – a great place to start your search would be either the internet, local bedroom showrooms and department stores.

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