Best Bunk Beds for Large Families & Toddlers

bunk beds

Bunk beds are either a single or double bed with another bed frame placed on top allowing for multiple sleepers. This is not only a great space-saving piece of furniture it is also a great deal of fun for children with many additions made to the bed for maximum entertainment. There is of course economic and expensive versions of the bunk bed as well as a ladder to get to the top bunk which is not suitable for children under the age of six. The frame itself can be made with metal, softwood or hardwood with metal wire or spring suspension to support a mattress. The top bunk bed is surrounded by a safety rail to prevent the sleeper from rolling or falling out while other safety precautions include not using ceiling fans in rooms with bunk beds – kind of makes sense don’t you think!

With many large families having to live in small, compact houses and having to accommodate many children they usually opt for a standard bunk bed which has two mattresses of the same size stacked upon one another creating maximum space in a small bedroom or allowing two occupants to a room instead of one. Bunk beds aren’t just ideal for limited space – kids have lots of fun just climbing onto the top bunk, having sleepovers or sharing with siblings they’re also great fun for young children too. One of the best ways to save space is with shorty bunk beds. Some bunk beds come with drawers, shelves, slides and colourful play tents that come in various themes from fairy castles to pirate ships providing an imaginative play area or even just a place for the little ones to hide!

Three sleeper bunks are particularly useful in maximizing space, beds come with a single on top and a double bed below that can either be fixed or a pull out ‘trundle’ bed for occasional sleepovers. Either way this bed quickly converts the bedroom into sleeping quarters for the whole troop!

For older children and even adults in compact spaces and studios, a loft bed or high sleeper has only a top bunk with an open void underneath allowing for underneath drawers, shelves or even a desk and work area. This space saving bed is ideal for small spaces and indeed allows the occupant to work beneath at a workstation with built-in storage capacity included in many versions of the loft bed.

And just when you thought you’d heard it all, it seems you can now buy a cot bunk bed for babies and toddlers, it even accommodates youngsters of up to 6 years of age! The idea is that you have a double cot with a double toddler bunk or a baby cot on one level with a toddler bunk on the other.

So bunk beds are extremely practical whether they’re bought for children or adults alike. With so much variety in style, colour, theme and size that the options are almost endless. Choosing a bunk bed has never been easier with the internet. Remember to follow the safety guidelines and you should enjoy this perfect, space saving and efficient masterpiece for many years to come!

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